Dusted Decks Mastermind Janosh teams up with the US-american singer Angelo Pace to put their hands on an instant classic. Alongside remixes by Timo Jahns and Alex Cruz DUSTED007 features the Original Mix of "Sign Your Name". Already played and supported by: Robin Schulz, Bebetta, Tom Novy, David K., Rich vom Dorf, Nudisco, Eddie Hu, Zzino, Andree Wischnewski, DJ Misk, Mojito, Flokati, Heinrich & Heine, Loveman, Ming, Autograf, Herztoene, Luis Junior, DJane Paulette, The Scumfrog, unueberlegt


Timo Jahns, Alex Cruz

Sign Your Name

Catalog# DUSTED007
Release date:
Deep House
Sign Your Name (Feat. Angelo Pace) (Original Mix)
Sign Your Name (Feat. Angelo Pace) (Timo Jahns Remix)
Sign Your Name (Feat. Angelo Pace) (Alex Cruz Remix)